Capitalization of PoS altcoins fell to $254b


The total market value of cryptocurrencies using the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm decreased by 7% at the end of Q3 to $254 billion.

Such estimates are provided by the Kraken-related platform Staked. According to experts, the market share of such coins decreased by 2% to 22%. Ethereum (ETH) dominance in this segment – by 1%, to 79%.

Capitalization of PoS altcoins fell to $254b - 1
Source: Staked

The lack of near term catalysts, regulatory uncertainty, and macro challenges left markets in a holding pattern.

Staked report

The value of assets locked in staking increased by 3% to $74b. Annualized rewards in value terms decreased by 7%, to $4.1b. The profitability of such operations amounted to 10.2%, which is 0.4% less than in Q2.

Capitalization of PoS altcoins fell to $254b - 2
Source: Staked

The share of blocked coins from their current supply reached a record 52.4% (49.3% in Q2). The leaders in this regard were Aptos (84.1%), Sui (80.5%), Mina (77.6%), Solana (71.9%) and Cosmos (67.6%). The median value among the top 35 coins was 52.6%.

Earlier in October, liquid staking protocol Lido Finance reported problems with configuring some validators. According to Lido Finance, the failure occurred on the Ethereum network, and losses amounted to about 20 ETH (approximately $31,000 at the time of writing).

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