Coinbase Launches New Web3.0 Discovery Surface


The new web3 discovery surface will afford users the opportunity of exploring the best decentralized applications (dApps) available on Web3.

As part of its web3 expansion efforts, American crypto exchange, Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ: COIN), has just added a new web3 discovery surface. This comes a few hours after recently introducing its Wallet as a Service (WaaS) solution to help companies onboard their users onto web3.

According to a Twitter announcement, the new web3 discovery surface will afford users the opportunity of exploring the best decentralized applications and services (dApps) available on web3. That is, they will have access to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), web3 gaming, decentralized social networks, and many more.

Coinbase to Integrate More dApps

Per the announcement, Coinbase confirms that it will keep updating its listings with new releases across the Ethereum and Polygon chains. However, the firm also says that it will be looking to add more dApps on other chains soon. This is to aid adoption and help drive the expansion of its Web3 solutions.

Overall, Coinbase is seeking to give its users a seamless Web3 experience. To this end, the exchange also assures users that they can use any wallet that a dApp supports. However, alternatively, they could use Coinbase’s Web3 wallet to transact directly with their Coinbase account for ease and convenience.

For developers who are interested in having their dApps featured, Coinbase also enjoins them to indicate their interests and register accordingly.

Are dApps Growing More Popular?

Before now, startups, enterprises, and institutions have always constantly been on the lookout for new ways to provide value for their customers. However, more recently, these companies are beginning to realize that web3 presents a massive industry for new dApps. And now, they just want to help their customers access these dApps.

But then, there are a lot of complexities – scalability, security and others, attached to building gateways to Web3. So, these companies would rather entrust the process to platforms like Coinbase which already offers a user-friendly gateway to Web3. This way, they can focus on their core business while letting the likes of Coinbase take care of the technicalities.


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