Elon Musk Plans to Integrate Dating App Features on Twitter (X) by 2024


The idea to turn X into a multifaceted financial hub with dating features comes shortly after Musk unveiled new subscription plans for the social media platform.

In a recent virtual conference commemorating the first anniversary of Elon Musk‘s acquisition of the social media platform Twitter, now rebranded as X, the billionaire tech mogul unveiled intriguing plans for the future of the platform. According to a Business Insider report citing people familiar with the matter, Musk plans to turn the X platform into a “fully-fledged” dating site by 2024, making it possible for people to connect with potential spouses just like Tinder and other dating apps already available to users.

Musk Unveils Plans to Make X a Financial Hub

While intricate details about the mechanics of the dating feature remain undisclosed, this development underscores Musk’s strategic focus on enhancing user engagement and diversifying X’s offerings.

During the in-house call that took place last Thursday, the billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX also revealed plans to turn X into a financial hub that would eradicate the use of bank accounts.

The Tesla boss said he would procure the necessary documents and licenses from the appropriate authorities to enable the company to successfully transform into a money transmission platform.

So far, the social media giant has acquired licenses from four states in the United States, including Michigan and New Hemisphere. According to a Coinspeaker report last week, the company is seeking regulatory approval from other jurisdictions in the country to pursue its goal of becoming a center for financial activities.

The plans to turn X into a financial hub, as well as the incorporation of the dating features, are set to take place next year.

Elon Musk Unveils Subscription Plans for X

Meanwhile, the idea to turn X into a multifaceted financial hub with dating features comes shortly after the billionaire entrepreneur unveiled new subscription plans for the social media platform, catering to users with varying preferences.

On October 20, Musk introduced two subscription tiers on X to supplement the current premium package. The first tier, named Premium+, is available at a monthly fee of approximately $16. The plan guarantees an ad-free experience and access to all platform tools and features.

The second option, the basic tier, is priced at $3 per month and offers a more accessible option without an ad-free browsing experience.


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