GBTC & BITO Witness Historic $1.7B in Trading Volume as BTC Investors Anticipate Bitcoin ETF Approval


In anticipation of this pivotal event, there has been a substantial uptick in trading volume for products launched by ProShares and Grayscale.

Activity surrounding Bitcoin investment products, particularly exchange-traded funds (ETFs), has seen a notable increase. This surge is primarily driven by the growing excitement within the market about potential ETF approvals in the United States. Speculation and expert opinions on the potential acceptance of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) by the SEC have been widespread, especially after the commission chose not to appeal the case before the deadline date.

In anticipation of this pivotal event, there has been a substantial uptick in trading volume for products launched by ProShares and Grayscale. Various sources, including a tweet from Eric Balchunas, have provided data indicating a significant weekly inflow into the Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO), which ProShares introduced in 2021, as well as the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC).

This heightened activity is a clear indication of investor interest and enthusiasm. BITO, for instance, recorded a trading volume of $1.7 billion in the past week, marking its second-largest volume since its inception, while Grayscale also saw substantial trading volume, reaching $800 million.

As many cryptocurrency enthusiasts have anticipated, the approval of a Bitcoin ETF would have a profound impact on the regulatory landscape of the crypto world. Regulators would be compelled to provide clearer and more comprehensive rules and regulations for the operation of such products. This regulatory development is also likely to influence other cryptocurrencies, as it sets a precedent for how similar assets can be integrated into traditional financial systems.

One significant driving force behind the anticipation of a substantial price increase is the reputable and well-established companies vying to offer Bitcoin ETF products. Firms like BlackRock, ProShares, and Grayscale are prominent names with strong reputations in the financial industry. Investors who have faith in traditional finance or seek enhanced security for their investments are more likely to place trust in these respected institutions. This trust could significantly contribute to the success and adoption of Bitcoin ETFs and other cryptocurrency-related financial products.

Positive Market Sentiment May Continue to Increase BTC Price

Prominent figures in the crypto sphere, such as Crypto Rover, have been dropping hints regarding the anticipated approval of the Bitcoin Spot ETF. In a recent tweet, Crypto Rover suggested that approval could come to fruition within the next 72 days, aligning with the SEC’s deadline for deciding on Ark Invest’s Bitcoin Spot ETF.

As market observers speculate on the potential implications of this approval, many experts anticipate a significant influx of capital from traditional investors and companies. The reasoning behind this expectation is that many of these entities will seek exposure to Bitcoin. Notably, the CEO of Morgan Creek Capital and other experts have gone so far as to predict that as much as $300 billion may find its way into the Bitcoin (BTC) market. This influx of institutional and traditional capital could have substantial ramifications for the cryptocurrency landscape.

Amid the growing excitement surrounding Bitcoin, the BTC price experienced a breakout last week as it surged beyond the $29,000 resistance level, reaching as high as $35,000 before encountering the next significant resistance. This bullish price movement aligns with the prevailing market sentiment, which remains optimistic about the cryptocurrency. Given this positive sentiment and the broader trend, one can reasonably anticipate further price surges in the long term.


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