Salesforce Partners with OpenAI to Launch Einstein GPT AI to Rival ChatGPT


Salesforce is planning to launch Einstein GPT with OpenAI to offer all users and organizations generative services improved by AI.

American cloud-based software company Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) has joined a growing list of companies entering the AI (artificial intelligence) space. Salesforce has partnered with Open AI and is set to launch Einstein GPT to support its software business.

Speaking during a press briefing, Salesforce general manager Clara Shih says that the potential use cases for Einstein GPT are enormous. According to Shih, all aspects of the Salesforce business will enjoy improved service with Einstein:

“We believe that the value that generative AI can deliver to enterprises is enormous, Einstein GPT combines Salesforce’s proprietary AI models with vetted external generative AI. It’s being integrated into every Salesforce cloud, as well as Mulesoft, Tableau, and Slack, and will transform every sales, service, marketing and ecommerce experience.”

Salesforce has been working with artificial intelligence for a few years. In 2016, the company launched Einstein AI, a tool created to help process surrounding marketing and sales, in addition to boosting customer relationship management (CRM). A few years later, in 2020, Salesforce announced that it was delivering more than 80 billion AI-powered predictions every day. Specified beneficiaries of Einstein were marketing, commerce, service, and sales.

How Salesforce Runs Its Einstein GPT AI Software

Salesforce senior vice president for AI/ML Jayesh Govindarajan explained Einstein GPT during the press briefing. Govindarajan says Einstein makes predictions by combining generative AI models with customer data. He said the AI uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand what an organization or user requires. It then helps to accomplish these tasks using learned knowledge.

Govindarajan added that using OpenAI’s GPT model helps Salesforce create a large language model (LLM), such that the company can have several layers of information that will gradually fine-tune Einstein GPT as it is used. The required fine-tuning or adjustments for the AI will also be influenced by the organization or user’s content saved in the Salesforce Cloud.

In addition to all of the automated processes, Salesforce will also infuse a human element. According to Govindarajan, any organization using Einstein GPT can require human experts for feedback before the AI generates or delivers the text to customers.

Artificial Intelligence Bots on the Rise

Salesforce’s announcement comes as many companies are working hard at building and also launching AI tools for their operations. ChatGPT’s November 2022 launch sparked the recent hype surrounding AI predictions and generation. The AI now has millions of users and has introduced a subscription plan for the product. Among other things, subscribers enjoy faster and prioritized responses and improved reliability, especially during peak hours.

Google has also launched Bard, an artificial intelligence program that seeks to improve on large language models. According to CEO Sundar Pichai, Bard uses Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA), a group of conversational neural language models Google developed two years ago.


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